Vision & Mission


Fulcrum’s vision is to become the recognized Pune provider of offshore call center solutions for small-to-medium sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and professionals.

For our Clients:

    To provide the same complete quality of service offered by large multi-national call centers to the SMEs, entrepreneurs and professionals in all the major and emerging markets.
    To provide a close “partnership” like arrangement where the goal is mutual development.

For our Employees:

    To provide a family atmosphere where its employees strive for the good of the company, and are rewarded based on performance, team work and dedication.
    To provide an environment where employees want to grow with because it provides a supportive group that is dedicated for the well-being of everyone.


Fulcrum’s mission is to provide superior value to our clients by offering contact center and business process outsourcing services with five important value levers:

    High quality customer service and back office associates;
    Best practice management processes;
    True cost saving proposition;
    Process transparency; and
    Continuous improvement methodologies

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