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How can we help your Business?


If you’re like most business owners, marketing managers or sales managers you will instinctively know your biggest opportunity to increase your customer base probably lies in increasing your number of sales opportunities rather than trying to increase your closing rate on the sales opportunities you already have.

Call Centre Team

Fulcrum was born in 2007 from years of experience and a belief that a customer centric approach is the only way to succeed in competitive market place.

Our head office is located in the beautiful city of Pune, Maharashtra. Pune is a sunny metropolis with picturesque landscapes and home to friendly and warm people from whom we source our call centre and telemarketing staff.

Services and solutions are conceptualised, defined and developed to suit the individual and unique needs of clients. Implementation and operation of outsourced solutions on behalf of clients are aimed at optimising outsourcing strategies and streamlining customer operations

Qualifying the Opportunity

 You tell us what constitutes a qualified appointment for your business. Appointments can be  physical face to face appointments or conference call appointments. Appointments are qualified for you by:                                


1) Meetings with the appropriate Decision Maker (DM).


2) The DM has a stated need or interest in your services.


3) The prospect  has a budget for your services.

Our Services

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.


Sales are part of our DNA and we always aim to exceed expectations. No target is safe when our team gets going! Our people undergo extensive training on the products that they sell. Performance appraisals, training, rewards and the development of our people are  some of the pillars of our success. 



We understand our people and we match them to campaigns where they can identify with the people that they deal with. To us, it is all about making a positive impact and to add value. Our recruitment for each campaign is based on the target customer profile. We appoint the right people for the right campaign.


From the newest technology, data security processes, recruitment and training – we believe in staying one step ahead. We question, test,  trial and push the limits. To be the best you need to continually improve and innovate.


Targets are there to be broken! Our ability to achieve consistent results and exceed targets enables us.

Fulcrum work with you to ensure the highest possible return on your investment.

Fulcrum’s long term quality driven solution offering to business has allowed us to gain the trust of some of Maharashtra most respected and successful companies.Fulcrum strive to build a long-term relationship that extends beyond the typical vendor/client transactions. Our primary focus is to successfully promote and serve each client’s products or service as if they were our own.

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